Unique Upscale Clothing for Women

We specialize in finding treasures you won't see anywhere else. Always thinking of the best ways a women's body is appreciated, keeping things feminine and sexy but functional and romantic too!

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Sandwiched between the fabulous new Totem Coffee and Dedricks Cheese in one of the most beautiful inspiring courtyards you'll ever see off Main Street in Historic Placerville - Come Visit!

Women's Clothing

You can tuck, pinch, fold, and drape a piece of cloth a hundred different ways for a hundred different women. Add to that a thousand colors to choose from, and a million textures, and you have a virtual treasure chest of options. I love the hunt, and I love the reward! I LOVE to find a designer that nails it all the way through! Seeing these creations on just the perfect person is like the end of a small journey. Beauty resides in everyone, and I love seeing it come forward in the smile of satisfaction.

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Accessories...Fashion & Otherwise

It's all in the details!! Whether you're putting some funky new knobs on a little chest of drawers, or needing just the right detail at your décolletage, to finish off a lovely little black number. If you know Martha, you'll know everything she does is punctuated perfectly in detail.

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Martha's Personal Favorites

Follow new treasures - Some things are one of a kind, and may go quickly. Martha shares some of her personal favorites.

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Our Store is Designed in a Beautiful Art Nouveau Interpretation from Martha That Highlights Our Styles

Working as a decorative artist, art restorer, and designer, lots of time has been spent studying art history. Being in historic downtown Placerville, I wanted the store to have a period feel, so I chose my very favorite era, which is the Art Noveau period.

These were artisans who rebelled against the traditional Victorian froufrou of the day. Rather than spending hours, days and weeks carving intricate ornament, they chose to look to nature for inspiration. This organic devotion is where the beautiful sinewy lines originate. The human form was also frequently used as a beautiful, sometimes spiritual organic art element.

My husband and I put lots of love and experience into this little space. We hope you enjoy the energy we've created here.

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Lovely one of a kind MEZON ribbon dress! Wowzers for yo... Lovely one of a kind MEZON ribbon dress! Wowzers for your figure!

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