Our Women's Clothing Styles

We specialize in finding treasures you won't see anywhere else. When making choices for our designs and styles, we're thinking of the best ways a women's body is appreciated, keeping things feminine, and sexy but functional and romantic too. It can be done! Take a look!

Dreamy burnout velvet renaissance style duster. Color is like a silver- taupe. Has little beads scattered about. Wear with SOMA jeans, (made in San Francisco), and elegant tee. We have some great tops with gorgeous embroidery. Throw on a little bobble, and you're the Go On Girl!
Body camouflage!  No need to wear a tent, to hide under.  We want to show your best assets, and fit the worst ones. If you feel pretty, because you don't beat yourself up, you'll appreciate dancing along in a beautiful well made garment. What girl doesn't feel like a queen in silk? This little marigold and slate blue silk blouse is the softest sheer silk! Slip this on, add your favorite belt, and you're ready to make something happen!
Whether it's sweating the minutiae while restoring antique art, or the pain staking detail while sewing her own clothes, Martha demands the detail of her vision, in everything she does.  She has made it a personal quest to break the pattern of ordinary hum drum fashions and chachkies you find repeatedly.  At My Martha Boutique, you can expect a pleasant surprise of distinctly different treasures.
If I say "Twiggy", and you know I'm talking about a person, and not a tree, then you'll see the retro style in this cute dress! Black embroidery trim at the fun bell sleeves ( details!!!)! The statement here is in the beautiful feminine fabric, and the simple, yet kicky style. We layered it with one of our many basics in the store. A great cranberry lace mock turtle neck.
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